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"Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching"
C.S. Lewis

FREE Air Conditioner!!  YEP! Free!!!

Seriously! It's our annual summer promotion--YOU buy a high-efficiency gas furnace, WE give you the air conditioning unit! Well...we don't just give it to you--we install it for you too! You purchase the furnace, coil and the installation, the 13 SEER air conditioner is free.

We have been partnered with Ruud for several years now, offering this promotion each summer. During that time, I have literally sold hundreds of these systems. I'm not bragging at all--I mean, come on--even a mediocre salesman can sell a free air conditioner!

I know the free air conditioner is enough of a cool deal (see what I did there!), but here's the real selling point of the promotion: the furnace. Seriously, it's the furnace. We heat our homes for over 4,000 hours per year, while we only cool for about 400. Quite the difference! So, in our area, it definitely makes sense to take advantage of a high-efficiency gas furnace, and 96% efficient is pretty "high efficiency"! I know this for a fact because I took advantage of this promotion in September of 2016. I converted from an electric heat pump system to the 96% natural gas furnace. I also converted heating water to a tankless gas system at the same time. My home was built in 1970 and is approximately 1400 square feet, and here are my monthly NW Natural Gas bills for the last year and a half:


  • March $59.55
  • February $58.86
  • January $79.65


  • December $56.14
  • November $27.44
  • October $14.38
  • September $14.47
  • August $13.54
  • July $14.57
  • June $15.99
  • May $24.97
  • April $43.94
  • March $60.47
  • February $82.25
  • January $97.17


  • December $53.17
  • November $31.37
  • October $13.51
  • September $6.36

Needless to say, I'm very happy with my Ruud 96% efficient gas furnace! (The model number is U96VA if you'd like to do some research). I'm looking forward to the reasonable heating costs for many years to come.

Oh!! And the comfort of a cool home in the summers too! And it was FREE!


Thank You Florence!!

The weekend of March 2-4, 2018 was the 22nd Annual Florence Home and Garden Show, and Integrity Home Heating was a vendor for their very first time--but definitely not the last! We had a great time!!

For a town with a population of around 8,000, it sure seemed like a lot of people attended the show! I'm pretty sure EVERYONE came--the place was packed! And friendly too! I was thanked by an attendee more than once: "thanks for coming" they said. Wait?!? What?? Thanking ME for vending at the show? Hmmmm......I need to understand this a little better. So, one nice gentleman, as he walked by the booth, said "thank you for coming to the show", and I replied, "but I'm supposed to thank YOU for coming to the show." His reply was very kind: "you pack up all this stuff, drive over from Veneta, set it up, spend the entire weekend here, take it down then pack it back. We appreciate that. We appreciate you making the trip to the coast." Then he says, "I drove two miles and parked!" This conversation pretty much explains how the entire weekend went! Nice people all weekend. I also met an exceptionally polite and friendly young man who attends the show every day, for most of the hours it's open, and spends his time talking to people, eating some candy, counting his steps and taking some notes. It was very nice to meet you Mr. Green, and I'll see you next year.

Integrity Home Heating is now an approved contractor with Central Lincoln PUD (, thanks for the help Wade!), for both ductless heat pump and ducted PTCS heat pump installations.

In fact, we already have work on the installation schedule! THAT'S how nice the people of Florence really are! We'll show how much we appreciate the hospitality with the quality of our work. 


It's Time to Buy Air Conditioning! Wait?!? WHAT??

It's February! It's wintertime and cold outside! What's this guy talking about now?? Well...we buy Christmas decorations in October...Valentine's Day cards in December...why not plan ahead and buy air conditioning in winter?? It's the perfect time! Why? Believe it or not, Integrity Home Heating is NOT installing a lot of air conditioning units right now. I KNOW! Shocking, right! But we will be in June...and even more in July...and let's just be honest, if you're buying in August you're just planning for 2019! The next few months are the perfect time to add or replace the aging air conditioning for your home. If you have a heat pump system, have it replaced now just in time for the air conditioning season--and bonus! You're ready for next Fall's heating season with higher efficiency! Win! Win! Adding a ductless heat pump system brings air conditioning to the home, and there are utility company cash rebates and zero interest loans available for the high-efficiency heating function they offer (Blachly-Lane, EPUD, EWEB, Lane Electric and SUB all have programs!). Old gas furnace?? You can replace your furnace and increase your heating efficiency. Replace the air conditioner at the same time and you're ready for summer! So, moral of the blog today: take advantage of the "calm before the storm" (so to speak) and get your home ready for the coming hot months now--before they're here. Because, let's face it, that first weekend it gets hot--we all say it--"I can't believe it's this hot so early this year!"

Air Conditioning Installation Eugene, Springfield, Veneta

Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless heat pumps....can one product really fix everything?!?


NO! There we over...


"What is this guy talking about?!? He doesn't like ductless heat pumps?? How can that be?!? He sells them!"

That's NOT what I'm saying! The ductless heat pump is a great product--a very versatile product--but it doesn't fix and replace everything. There are perfect applications for a ductless heat pump system, sure, the same as there are perfect applications for a gas furnace, and perfect applications for a ducted heat pump. Gas furnaces are available with 97% and 98% efficiency ratings--variable speed blower motors, modulating or multi-stage gas valves. High efficiency! High-efficiency ducted heat pumps are available as well. There are 'variable speed' ducted heat pumps that operate just like the ductless heat pumps! Variable Speed! High efficiency! There are many options available to create or improve the ductwork system in a home as well. There are manual dampers available to balance airflow. There are automatic zone control systems that can be added to ductwork (or installed with new ductwork) to create two, three and four (and more) separate zones within the home.

I think part of the belief that "ductless fixes everything" came to be with the large state tax credits. Couple that with the fact that the state tax credit was much easier to get than the ducted heat pump tax credit: no required duct sealing, no required duct leakage tests, no required PTCS Start-Up test...just fill out the form and the credit is yours! Well, December 31st and the tax credits expire--even the ductless credit!

Further, it is my opinion that even more of the belief that "ductless fixes everything" has been caused by the heating industry. We stopped being craftsmen of our trade. We stopped asking questions in the home. We stopped solving problems. Ductless is easier. Drill a couple of holes...put one or two of these on the'll only take a day...and, say it with me...."ductless fixes everything!"

But that's wrong! It doesn't. There are many factors that should be taken into account in the proper design of your heating system: how many people live in the home. The layout of the home. The existing heat source of the home. Does the home need displacement or replacement heat. How the family uses the home. How long you plan to stay in the home...just to name a few! (I can't just lay out my entire process here on the internet, my competitors may be reading my blog too!) There is a process of customer service and design that has gone away--or at least been shortened--that shouldn't have. I want to make sure you're being offered the best product applications for your home and your lifestyle, not just the one that is easiest for your heating company to sell and install.

And now, here I am bringing this conversation full-circle: Integrity Home Heating has the staff with the knowledge and experience to still be craftsmen in our trade. We are residential experts. We are ductwork experts! We have NOT lost the art of designing the perfect system for your home. Watch the videos on our Testimonial Page, it is mentioned specifically that we designed and installed the perfect system for a customer's home--a system he was told couldn't be done! Until he met us that is!

Even after the first of the year, when the state tax credits are gone, all of the local utility companies--EPUD, EWEB, Lane Electric and SUB--will still have programs available for their residential customers, both for ductless and ducted systems. Cash rebates and zero interest loans are available.

Integrity Home Heating knows the programs available, and knows how to design and install the perfect heating and cooling system for your home, and most important, for your needs. Give me a call today, let's talk about it!

Residential Tax Credits...Gone in 3...2...1...

Well...I hate to be the one to bring it up...but just around the corner is tax time! I know...I know...say it isn't so! But it's closer than any of us wants to admit. Good news though! There's a great program available through the Oregon Department of Energy that needs to be utilized by December 31st of this year (2017) because, after that, it goes away forever!

There are tax credits available on gas furnaces of $352.00 or $492.00, on heat pumps of $800.00 and up, and on ductless heat pumps of $1200.00 and $1300.00. That's a lot of money to leave on the table, especially if you need to replace or upgrade the heating system in your home anyway, so definitely do it before the end of this year!

Integrity Home Heating has some openings left on our installation schedule before the end of the program--but not too many! We also offer Ruud 96% and 97% high-efficiency gas furnaces, Daikin ductless heat pump systems and Ruud variable speed heat pumps--all of which qualify for the tax credits. In fact, Ruud offers one of the most efficient variable speed heat pumps on the market today. The Ruud UP20. The UP20 heat pump provides the extra heat needed for those cold winter days and nights, reducing the costly expense of auxiliary heating. In fact, the UP20 is capable of meeting your home's heating needs down to approximately ZERO degrees outside temperature! This overdrive feature also maintains your home's comfort when outside temperatures are as high as 107 degrees!

The compressor found in the UP20 provides superior performance and reliability. Variable speed allows the UP20 to adapt to surrounding conditions with more precision and efficiency. Ruud is so confident in its variable speed compressor that they offer one of the best warranties on the market today: if the compressor fails in the first TEN YEARS of your ownership, Ruud will replace the entire heat pump!

Take advantage of the available Oregon tax credits while you can, combine with your utility company's cash rebate or zero interest loan--they all have them--EPUD, EWEB, Lane Electric and SUB, and literally save thousands of dollars on your heating system purchase.


Call Kevin today, 541-520-6227, to schedule your free in-home assessment.

Our new truck!

We bought a new vehicle for sales calls. We found a plain white Ford Transit Connect. People say they're ugly--I prefer to say they're "unique" enough to stand out. When it was plain white, my daughter said it looked like an ice cream truck...and, well...that nickname stuck with the guys....

'Ugly'...'unique'...'ice cream truck' doesn't matter what it used to be called because now the only thing it can be called is the 'Integrity Home Heating Truck'! It DEFINITELY stands out!

The wrap applied by Harris Design & Print is awesome! Working with Jonathan at Harris on the design was amazing. He did a perfect job of making my vision a reality. I can admit, I'm not the easiest person to work with, but every single revision--every little tweak I asked for--Jonathan made it happen! (and there were a few more doesn't really matter how many...there were a few...and Jonathan is a very patient person...I highly recommend him)

If you see me on the road give me a honk and a wave. Better yet--invite me over to your home for a free in-home estimate for a new heating system and you can check it out in person!






Areas We Serve

While our offices are located in the Veneta area, most of our jobs extend into Eugene and Springfield Oregon. We will happily travel to Cottage Grove, Coburg, Junction City, Creswell or anywhere in Lane County.  So give us a call at  541-520-6227 and let us help you with the installation or repair of your heating and cooling products, including heat pumps, gas furnaces, air conditioners and ductless heat pumps.


The age old question...."do people like me?" It was true in school, it continues in adult life and as it turns out, it's a big question in business! The even bigger question in business: when there are people who like me, how do I get other people to KNOW the people who like me?!

It looks like this "internet thing" is here to stay, and it seems like alot of people are using it to get to know each other! "Social media" we're calling it. People are buying stuff on the internet too! And then they're writing about the products they bought. Wow! Great idea! "Reviews". We're writing "Product Reviews"! So now, before I buy something, I can go read about what other people think. I love it! Everybody loves it!! Of course my question became, "how can I get my customers to write about my business so that others will like me?" How about asking them? So I asked. "Sure! We'll write a review. No problem!" Now I have written reviews. It was just that easy. And they're on the internet--for everyone to read!

Then I wondered, "would customers be willing to TALK about Integrity Home Heating?" A video product review! So I asked. "Sure! We'll make a video. No problem!" Now I have video testimonials. And they're on the internet--for everyone to SEE!

They've been very fun to make (well, except the 'me being on camera part', definitely not a big fan of that!) and the video testimonials give much more insight into the process than reading a written review. Everyone is so natural on camera! It's amazing! The process is very informal--no setup, no stage, no lights, just a camera and a conversation. It's been great to go back and visit with people. To hear how everything is working. To hear how people are doing. So take a look at the videos, and watch for more to come!

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