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"Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching"
C.S. Lewis

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When we finish a project we ask customers to rate us. It helps us get better. Here are comments from those surveys.

Thank you for being so attentive Kevin (and everyone else)! It is so rare to feel like you can trust in the quality and competency of products/people anymore. Such a treat to be taken care of by you guys! Thank you! I would definitely recommend.
Meica M. --Eugene, 12-23-17

Your team was amazing. They were clear and personable and worked together like machines. Thank you very much for bringing heat to our home.
Emily F. --Eugene, 12-12-17

Exceptional process. Clean and polite crew, experienced installation and knowledgeable sales. This is the way a company should operate. Great "WOW" service.
Walt B. --Eugene, 11-22-17

You people at Integrity are so nice and friendly, loved that!
Diana M. --Eugene, 11-22-17

Thanks again!
Aimee V. --Eugene, 11-14-17

Everyone was awesome. This was one of the best companies I have ever worked with.
Jim M. --Eugene, 10-23-17

Incredible communication and follow through on multiple projects. Will never want to take my business anywhere else. Thank you!
Garrett V. --Eugene, 10-3-17

Kevin is great!
Sandy A. --Eugene, 9-25-17

I have already told family and friends about your work. Very satisfied.
Beau B. --Eugene, 9-21-17

Loved having all of you guys in our home. Great family of workers! You know your trade and were willing to take the time to teach us about the products and process of installation. Thank you for the upgrade on air quality in our home!
Jennifer P. --Eugene, 9-17-17

Very courteous service. All phases of the project were clearly communicated.
Russell E. --Eugene, 9-2-17

Kevin and his crew are very professional and efficient. You get a high value system at a competitive price. Very pleased!
Donna H. --Noti, 8-21-17

Thank you so much, great service.
Blaine R. --Eugene, 7-27-17

This is the third time Kevin and Steve have installed for us, and our fourth Daikin ductless (we move a lot!) It's such a pleasure working with them, we'd never use any other company for a heat pump!
Michele P. --Eugene, 7-23-17

Professional--efficient--reliable--very easy to work with.

All I had to do was write the check, they took care of everything else, from permits to rebate paperwork and tax credit documents.
Michele P. --Eugene, 7-10-17

Great service
Seah B. --Eugene, 6-15-17

You guys were great. Thank you!

Mary H. --Elmira, 4-26-17

Very nice job guys! Cool to have the owner here to make big decisions as to ways to improve the system as it was being built. Nice working with you all.
Craig A. --Springfield, 2-28-17


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