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Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless heat pumps....can one product really fix everything?!?


NO! There we over...


"What is this guy talking about?!? He doesn't like ductless heat pumps?? How can that be?!? He sells them!"

That's NOT what I'm saying! The ductless heat pump is a great product--a very versatile product--but it doesn't fix and replace everything. There are perfect applications for a ductless heat pump system, sure, the same as there are perfect applications for a gas furnace, and perfect applications for a ducted heat pump. Gas furnaces are available with 97% and 98% efficiency ratings--variable speed blower motors, modulating or multi-stage gas valves. High efficiency! High-efficiency ducted heat pumps are available as well. There are 'variable speed' ducted heat pumps that operate just like the ductless heat pumps! Variable Speed! High efficiency! There are many options available to create or improve the ductwork system in a home as well. There are manual dampers available to balance airflow. There are automatic zone control systems that can be added to ductwork (or installed with new ductwork) to create two, three and four (and more) separate zones within the home.

I think part of the belief that "ductless fixes everything" came to be with the large state tax credits. Couple that with the fact that the state tax credit was much easier to get than the ducted heat pump tax credit: no required duct sealing, no required duct leakage tests, no required PTCS Start-Up test...just fill out the form and the credit is yours! Well, December 31st and the tax credits expire--even the ductless credit!

Further, it is my opinion that even more of the belief that "ductless fixes everything" has been caused by the heating industry. We stopped being craftsmen of our trade. We stopped asking questions in the home. We stopped solving problems. Ductless is easier. Drill a couple of holes...put one or two of these on the'll only take a day...and, say it with me...."ductless fixes everything!"

But that's wrong! It doesn't. There are many factors that should be taken into account in the proper design of your heating system: how many people live in the home. The layout of the home. The existing heat source of the home. Does the home need displacement or replacement heat. How the family uses the home. How long you plan to stay in the home...just to name a few! (I can't just lay out my entire process here on the internet, my competitors may be reading my blog too!) There is a process of customer service and design that has gone away--or at least been shortened--that shouldn't have. I want to make sure you're being offered the best product applications for your home and your lifestyle, not just the one that is easiest for your heating company to sell and install.

And now, here I am bringing this conversation full-circle: Integrity Home Heating has the staff with the knowledge and experience to still be craftsmen in our trade. We are residential experts. We are ductwork experts! We have NOT lost the art of designing the perfect system for your home. Watch the videos on our Testimonial Page, it is mentioned specifically that we designed and installed the perfect system for a customer's home--a system he was told couldn't be done! Until he met us that is!

Even after the first of the year, when the state tax credits are gone, all of the local utility companies--EPUD, EWEB, Lane Electric and SUB--will still have programs available for their residential customers, both for ductless and ducted systems. Cash rebates and zero interest loans are available.

Integrity Home Heating knows the programs available, and knows how to design and install the perfect heating and cooling system for your home, and most important, for your needs. Give me a call today, let's talk about it!

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