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FREE Air Conditioner!!  YEP! Free!!!

Seriously! It's our annual summer promotion--YOU buy a high-efficiency gas furnace, WE give you the air conditioning unit! Well...we don't just give it to you--we install it for you too! You purchase the furnace, coil and the installation, the 13 SEER air conditioner is free.

We have been partnered with Ruud for several years now, offering this promotion each summer. During that time, I have literally sold hundreds of these systems. I'm not bragging at all--I mean, come on--even a mediocre salesman can sell a free air conditioner!

I know the free air conditioner is enough of a cool deal (see what I did there!), but here's the real selling point of the promotion: the furnace. Seriously, it's the furnace. We heat our homes for over 4,000 hours per year, while we only cool for about 400. Quite the difference! So, in our area, it definitely makes sense to take advantage of a high-efficiency gas furnace, and 96% efficient is pretty "high efficiency"! I know this for a fact because I took advantage of this promotion in September of 2016. I converted from an electric heat pump system to the 96% natural gas furnace. I also converted heating water to a tankless gas system at the same time. My home was built in 1970 and is approximately 1400 square feet, and here are my monthly NW Natural Gas bills for the last year and a half:


  • March $59.55
  • February $58.86
  • January $79.65


  • December $56.14
  • November $27.44
  • October $14.38
  • September $14.47
  • August $13.54
  • July $14.57
  • June $15.99
  • May $24.97
  • April $43.94
  • March $60.47
  • February $82.25
  • January $97.17


  • December $53.17
  • November $31.37
  • October $13.51
  • September $6.36

Needless to say, I'm very happy with my Ruud 96% efficient gas furnace! (The model number is U96VA if you'd like to do some research). I'm looking forward to the reasonable heating costs for many years to come.

Oh!! And the comfort of a cool home in the summers too! And it was FREE!


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