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It's Time to Buy Air Conditioning! Wait?!? WHAT??

It's February! It's wintertime and cold outside! What's this guy talking about now?? Well...we buy Christmas decorations in October...Valentine's Day cards in December...why not plan ahead and buy air conditioning in winter?? It's the perfect time! Why? Believe it or not, Integrity Home Heating is NOT installing a lot of air conditioning units right now. I KNOW! Shocking, right! But we will be in June...and even more in July...and let's just be honest, if you're buying in August you're just planning for 2019! The next few months are the perfect time to add or replace the aging air conditioning for your home. If you have a heat pump system, have it replaced now just in time for the air conditioning season--and bonus! You're ready for next Fall's heating season with higher efficiency! Win! Win! Adding a ductless heat pump system brings air conditioning to the home, and there are utility company cash rebates and zero interest loans available for the high-efficiency heating function they offer (Blachly-Lane, EPUD, EWEB, Lane Electric and SUB all have programs!). Old gas furnace?? You can replace your furnace and increase your heating efficiency. Replace the air conditioner at the same time and you're ready for summer! So, moral of the blog today: take advantage of the "calm before the storm" (so to speak) and get your home ready for the coming hot months now--before they're here. Because, let's face it, that first weekend it gets hot--we all say it--"I can't believe it's this hot so early this year!"

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