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Residential Tax Credits...Gone in 3...2...1...

Well...I hate to be the one to bring it up...but just around the corner is tax time! I know...I know...say it isn't so! But it's closer than any of us wants to admit. Good news though! There's a great program available through the Oregon Department of Energy that needs to be utilized by December 31st of this year (2017) because, after that, it goes away forever!

There are tax credits available on gas furnaces of $352.00 or $492.00, on heat pumps of $800.00 and up, and on ductless heat pumps of $1200.00 and $1300.00. That's a lot of money to leave on the table, especially if you need to replace or upgrade the heating system in your home anyway, so definitely do it before the end of this year!

Integrity Home Heating has some openings left on our installation schedule before the end of the program--but not too many! We also offer Ruud 96% and 97% high-efficiency gas furnaces, Daikin ductless heat pump systems and Ruud variable speed heat pumps--all of which qualify for the tax credits. In fact, Ruud offers one of the most efficient variable speed heat pumps on the market today. The Ruud UP20. The UP20 heat pump provides the extra heat needed for those cold winter days and nights, reducing the costly expense of auxiliary heating. In fact, the UP20 is capable of meeting your home's heating needs down to approximately ZERO degrees outside temperature! This overdrive feature also maintains your home's comfort when outside temperatures are as high as 107 degrees!

The compressor found in the UP20 provides superior performance and reliability. Variable speed allows the UP20 to adapt to surrounding conditions with more precision and efficiency. Ruud is so confident in its variable speed compressor that they offer one of the best warranties on the market today: if the compressor fails in the first TEN YEARS of your ownership, Ruud will replace the entire heat pump!

Take advantage of the available Oregon tax credits while you can, combine with your utility company's cash rebate or zero interest loan--they all have them--EPUD, EWEB, Lane Electric and SUB, and literally save thousands of dollars on your heating system purchase.


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