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"Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching"
C.S. Lewis


The age old question...."do people like me?" It was true in school, it continues in adult life and as it turns out, it's a big question in business! The even bigger question in business: when there are people who like me, how do I get other people to KNOW the people who like me?!

It looks like this "internet thing" is here to stay, and it seems like alot of people are using it to get to know each other! "Social media" we're calling it. People are buying stuff on the internet too! And then they're writing about the products they bought. Wow! Great idea! "Reviews". We're writing "Product Reviews"! So now, before I buy something, I can go read about what other people think. I love it! Everybody loves it!! Of course my question became, "how can I get my customers to write about my business so that others will like me?" How about asking them? So I asked. "Sure! We'll write a review. No problem!" Now I have written reviews. It was just that easy. And they're on the internet--for everyone to read!

Then I wondered, "would customers be willing to TALK about Integrity Home Heating?" A video product review! So I asked. "Sure! We'll make a video. No problem!" Now I have video testimonials. And they're on the internet--for everyone to SEE!

They've been very fun to make (well, except the 'me being on camera part', definitely not a big fan of that!) and the video testimonials give much more insight into the process than reading a written review. Everyone is so natural on camera! It's amazing! The process is very informal--no setup, no stage, no lights, just a camera and a conversation. It's been great to go back and visit with people. To hear how everything is working. To hear how people are doing. So take a look at the videos, and watch for more to come!

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